Times are a-changing. To make a film today you must grow many very fine mushrooms, and sell them same day. That is not easy. It is difficult to get enough horse manure today. People don't keep horses anymore - they have dogs and cats. Or you must grow fields of tobacco and sell it all over world. That is not as easy as it used to be. People are quitting smoking everywhere, except the teenagers. But you can't depend on that slim margin to make a movie today. Or to make a quick porno movie in Sweden and rake in the money. That's out too. Everybody today has a video recorder and make their own porno videos.

So, instead of making a film, we decided to write it. There will be a series of scripts-ready-for-production, scripts that will never be produced. By reading these scripts you can be your own producer, cinematographer, casting director, and the film director himself - all in one. Go for it!

Our first offerings:


The Father, the Son, and a Holy Cow, by Adolfas Mekas


When the Turtles Collapse, by Adolfas Mekas and Pola Chapelle


Nailing the Coffin, by Adolfas Mekas and Jonathan Shipman