Pola_REALM_small.jpg "...a unique voice...interesting material...I have downloaded Pola Chapelle's new album onto my personal iPod." Michael Feinstein

In other words I LOVE YOU by Pola Chapelle

POLACD_small.jpg "Listening to Pola Chapelle's singing, one not only hears songs of other countries, but is carried everywhere, into realms of joy and sorrow, of playfulness or intensity. She has the gift of making you partake of the feelings which animate her singing..." Anais Nin

Pola Chapelle Sings Italian Folksongs

CARMELA_small.jpg "I can't wait to share this new recording with my little sister." Jake Newhoff, age 11
"I liked the story but what is a Zampola?" - Tula Jane Shapiro, age 24

Carmela, the Italian Poodle (A Christmas Story) by Pola Chapelle

HOBOKEN_small.jpg "We only listened to Pete and Sibby an' ole Blue Eyes." Big Joe Branda

Happy Birthday Mama by the Hoboken Trio