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Burn Bruno Burn

Brucia Bruno Brucia

A feature film celebrating Giordano Bruno, a philosopher, a rebel, the first beatnik - burned alive as a heretic in Rome, February 17, 1600.

To be shot in Italy with a cast of thousands, and will feature the actual burning of a live man.


Hallelujah Editions is a warren of artists, published and yet to be published. Eventually it will become a Publishing Empire for unpublishable literary and other work.

Published or soon to be published authors include Adolfas Mekas, Jonas Mekas, Giuseppe Zevola, Jonathan Shipman, Pola Chapelle, the Hoboken Trio (aka The Boys), Chris Hume, Joel Schlemowitz, and Fluxus - George Maciunas. Their works deal with a multitude of subjects - such as the art of mushroom growing, innovative funeral arrangements, Egyptian excavations in South Carolina, traveling across the Outback with Chinese botany teachers, teenage love in the Outback, an Italian poodle dedicated to the comedian Kaye Ballard, pastoral Lithuanian poetry by Jonas Mekas, a dramatized Christmas story, recital of Giordano Bruno poetry in the original Neapolitan language by Giuseppe Zevola, rare Italian folksongs by Pola Chapelle with guitarist Raphael Boguslav, modern techniques of totem pole making, a day-by-day guide on how to produce a movie, a guide to topless swimming in Australia, the 20's songs in Hoboken NJ, tobacco industry in America, how to milk a cow, gold worshipping in Iowa, recently discovered writings of St Tula patron saint of Cinema, balloon race across the Caribbean, false interpretation of the Bible, massacred version of Rigoletto opera, cinema blasphemies, how to make cheap coffins, flooded basement solutions, Aboriginal turtle tales and the prediction of the end of the world, demonstration of Salvador Dali technique of shotgun art making, unpublished Fluxus - George Maciunas books, film scripts ready for production, alligator and piranha husbandry, and more.

Hallelujah Editions published works can be found in hallways, on highway stands, in subways, on internet outlets, in some better bookstores, or any place where they are sold. They are also available from


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The Father, the Son, and a Holy Cow, by Adolfas Mekas
Nailing the Coffin, by Adolfas Mekas and Jonathan Shipman
When the Turtles Collapse, by Adolfas Mekas and Pola Chapelle

Idylls of Semeniskiai by Jonas Mekas, translated by Adolfas Mekas
The Sayings of St. Tula (Patron Saint of Cinema) by Joel Schlemowitz
The Adolfas Diaries - Book 1 by Adolfas Mekas
The Adolfas Diaries - Book 2 by Adolfas Mekas
The Adolfas Diaries - Book 3 by Adolfas Mekas

Photo Credit: David Avallone

In a small but festive ceremony a Patron Saint of Florence blessed the Author of the screenplay "The Father, the Son, and a Holy Cow."

Pola Chapelle Sings Italian Folksongs
Carmela, the Italian Poodle (A Christmas Story), by Pola Chapelle
Happy Birthday Mama by the Hoboken Trio
In Other Words I Love You by Pola Chapelle - A collection of her songs dedicated to Adolfas

Hallelujah the Hills, 1963, dir. Adolfas Mekas
Going Home, 1971, dir Adolfas Mekas (available in April '19)
A Journey to Lithuania, 1971, dir. Pola Chapelle (available in April '19)

Hallelujah the Hills is available in BluRay online from Kino Lorber

Special Offer — 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY Edition of Adolfas Mekas' Hallelujah the Hills


The Caravaggio Diaries

Cinemadness by Chris Hume
Giuseppe Zevola Recites Giordano Bruno